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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

E.E. Knight and Dragon Protagonists

E.E. Knight has a few thoughts on Bitterwood at his blog. He writes the popular Vampire Earth series and a series with dragons as protagonists called "The Age of Fire." I'd been told about these books before but haven't picked up a copy, although I'll definitely be checking it out now.

Another novel I've been told about with dragon protagonists is Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, which also goes on my reading list.

Other obvious examples of dragon positive books are the Pern novels and Eragon. Beyond these, what am I missing? Can anyone recommend other books where the dragons are fleshed out as full fledged characters?


E.E. Knight said...

One of my all-time favorite dragons is a secondary character named Falameezar-aziz-Sulmonmee in Alan Dean Foster's comic Spellsinger series. He's a land-bound dragon who likes bodies of water.

Falameezar happened upon some Marx while drifting through interspacial dimensions and became a devout Marxist. He's got a small role but he's quite the character: his "allies" always have to justify their actions in Marxist terms to gain his assistance (or to keep from being eaten).

I like him because he's got his own agenda. He's not there as an enemy or a glorified airstrike you can call in to turn the tide.

James Maxey said...

I love it! A Marxist dragon would have some terrific dialogue:

"The dragons of the world have nothing to lose but their chains! Dragons of the world unite!"

"Religion is the opiate of the reptiles."

Well, okay, not terrific dialogue, maybe, but at least mildly amusing...

Angela/SciFiChick said...

One of my favorites is the Elvenbane (Halfblood Chronicles) series by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey. There are 3 in the series, but supposedly Lackey is working on finishing the 4th.
The dragons are some of my favorite characters in the books, depicted as such a noble race.

James Maxey said...

Thanks for the tip SciFiChick. There are good mythic reasons to think of dragons as noble--they grace many coats of arms, for example.

Which brings up an interesting counter question: Can anyone think of any fictional portrayal of dragons as untrustworthy, skuzzy sleezebags?

cleanminded said...

im only 15 years old and this is the first book i first read only because i wanted too, ive read some other books because my teacher made me.
anyway i only got onto reading because i took an advice of my cousing who just started working a few months ago (he left university)

anyway when i went on holiday, there was a bookshop called "waterstone" catched on my eyes, and actualy went inside it just for a look.
i tried to remmember what im interested in, and im actualy interested on fiction, and fantasies.

while i was looking throught the fantasy and fiction section, i checked out a few books and reading their description. thats when i first help on the book "bitterwood" by james maxey.
now this got my full attention span and actualy read the first chapter/prologue.
(where bant bitterwood's first kiss from reccana)

i bought the book, and started reading it. now im in the middle of the book, where the part bitterwood layed his eyes again hezikiah on freecity.

in any other things. ive loved the book, and at night i cant actualy stop reading because of its suspence on every end of the chapter. its a great book, i love it! thanks james maxey

James Maxey said...


Thanks for your comments! If you're at the Hezekiah/Bitterwood reunion you aren't too far off from the big fight scenes at the end of the book. Hope you enjoy the ride!

cleanminded said...

hey, i finished the book. i loved the ending although my most favorite dragon, vedevorex had to pass away while jandra gave her forgiveness to him.

i think my most favourited human in the book is jandra. despite the fact that shes not the main character of the book. i liked her because shes got the ability to turn invisible and heal others, kind, caring, loving and has the spirit to fight agaist albekizan and hes army.

hey if there ever going to be another book continuing the story, theres no doubt il even have the book before it come out! haha!

James Maxey said...

Clean, if you liked Jandra, you'll love the next novel, Dragon Forge, in which she again plays a central and decisive role. It's still a year away, though. Watch this space for news.