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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bitterwood at Tales from the Raven

First, a correction: It turns out my reading isn't conflicting with George R.R. Martin's. They moved his to a later time in the day (2pm, I think) but hadn't updated it on the main page of the website at the time I wrote my post.

Yesterday, Suanne Warr wrote a review of Bitterwood on her blog. It was overall positive, but she mentioned being annoyed by the frequent POV switches. It's a fair criticism, and I wrote a response on her blog explaining the trade offs I made in using so many different POV characters. You can read the discussion between Suanne and myself at her blog Tales from the Raven. This was my first visit to her blog, but I see that she collects links to weird science stories, so it probably won't be my last.

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