"For the sake of humanity, join in Bitterwood's revolt." - Kirkus Reviews

Monday, May 21, 2007

Another blog review

The latest blog review of Bitterwood may be found at Nancy Fulda's Live Journal.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

If you just can't wait for July....

I just discovered two ARC's of Bitterwood for sale on E-Bay. These are the uncorrected review copies the publisher sends out, so they still have all the typos and the paragraph where I slip up and call my protagonist "Sparky" for a whole page instead of "Bitterwood." I don't frequently troll around on E-Bay, but I feel like finding my words available there is another small milestone in my writing career. It's similar to the wierd satisfaction I felt when I found a copy of "Nobody Gets the Girl" for sale at the local library used book sale and bought it for fifty cents. The author in me thinks, "Fifty cents? That's all?" while the shopper in me thinks, "Wow, what a bargain!"


I'm going to be a guest at ConCarolinas in a few weeks, June 1-3. This is in Charlotte, NC and if you're in the area the "Geek Comedy Tour" is going to be performing and is well worth the price of admission. I saw them at Ravencon and they were great. Fellow Codexian's Alethea Kontis and Ed Schubert will be there, as well, at least on Saturday. Hope I see you there!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

When Gravity Fails: Bitterwood Gets Publishers Weekly Starred Review

When Gravity Fails: Bitterwood Gets Publishers Weekly Starred Review

A very nice review indeed, even if they did get the name of one my characters wrong. For the record, the king's brother is named Blasphet, not Blasphiel.