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Sunday, August 26, 2007


I end the week just shy of 63k words. Wrote some good Jandra scenes this week--I like the way she's shaping up in the second book. In the first book, she was the one human character with classic "good" goals. She wants to fight for the survival of humanity and is willing to put her life at risk to do so, but she didn't have a very good tool kit to turn her desire into reality. Her "magic" was pretty minor compared to Vendevorex. In the second book, Jandra finds her mastery of her powers greatly expanding. As she becomes aware of just how powerful she truly is, she's growing both more confident and more full of doubt, if that makes sense. She's knows she has the power to change the world in her fingertips, but she doesn't know if she yet has the wisdom to use that power.

This coming week I'll get a few more thousand words out. I'll definitely push past 65k, but I don't know if 70k is in reach since I'm going to Dragoncon on Friday. I'm losing a big chunk of the day Friday and Sunday to driving to Atlanta and back. I'll have my laptop with me, of course, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to actually write while I'm at the con. At least the long drives are useful day dream time. Even if I'm not typing, I can still be getting a lot of story construction done in my head by imagining the upcoming scenes in greater detail and figuring out the best way of staging these scenes.

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