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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I end the week with 80183 words. I got off to a slow start, but had a productive Saturday and Sunday. Of course, the trade off has been that I haven't left the house on what is probably the nicest weekend we've had in three months. August and the first half of September were just brutal here in NC. No rain, and day after day of heat topping out around 100 degrees.

So, even though it's early and I could probably finish off the chapter I've started, by reward for rolling over the 80k mark is going to be to leave the house and take a walk.

The week ahead of me will, I hope, be a productive one. It' s the first week in a long time when I have nothing scheduled on any night after work. Hopefully I can get a little bit done each night. And, it helps that I've reached some of the intensive action chapters again. Most of the last ten thousand words has been filled up with characters talking to one another and learning important secrets. Now, it's time for the characters to take these secrets and go out and hurt each other with them. It's also time for Blasphet to have his biggest scenes in the book. Those are always fun to write.

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