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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hooyaw! I wrote over 10k words this week. I feel really good about the way book three is coming together. I wrote over on the Codex forum that writing is a little bit like working a Rubik's cube. I know what the final configuration is supposed to look like, but currently the cube is all twisted up. I have characters in the town of Dragon Forge that I have to get to the Free City. I have characters in a cavern up north that I have to get to Dragon Forge. Any time I twist a plot thread around to fix one face of the puzzle, it seems like I throw another face out of alignment. But, it's starting to look right. Recognizable patterns are begining to emerge.

I'm stopping in the middle of chapter 17. I feel as if I just started this book a few weeks ago. All in all, I can't complain about my progress.

By the way, some people have been asking when I'm shifting this blog away from it's Bitterwood motif and launching a website that does more to promote the Dragon Age trilogy as a whole. To which I can only say: soon. Right now my focus is still on banging out the first draft. The release of Dragonforge is still over two months away; I'll definitely have something live weeks before the release. Hold on just a wee bit longer. I promise the wait is worth it.

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