"For the sake of humanity, join in Bitterwood's revolt." - Kirkus Reviews

Friday, June 15, 2007

More reviews, slap-bait

A detailed review of Bitterwood popped up today at the Fantasy Book Critic site. There is a potential spoiler about the setting of the book in the review, but it's the sort of thing I've been wondering whether I should be coy about or not.

The Solaris site has also posted an excerpt from what must be a print review on their blog, under an edited version of the Fantasy Book Critic review. You can read it here, with the potential spoilers removed. A few negative comments about the book have also been removed, but I don't want to create the impression I'd rather not have you read negative comments. The review said, for instance, that the human characters were not devoloped as well as the dragons, and mentioned finding a few of the human characters annoying. I personally like all my human characters, naturally, but I can see how they might come across as less sympathetic than the dragons.

Joy Marchand is currently reading the book and is about at the midpoint, and she told me she wanted to slap one of my human characters, Pet. For what its worth, I wanted him to be slap-bait . . . there's no reason the human cast all has to be lovable.

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