"For the sake of humanity, join in Bitterwood's revolt." - Kirkus Reviews

Monday, May 26, 2008

The old order passeth...

In retrospect, it was a bit short sighted of me last year when I launched this blog dedicated to only one book. So, rolling forward, I'll be posting all Bitterwood, Dragonforge, and other book news at a new website called The Prophet and the Dragon. I'm kicking things off with a contest to give away free copies of Dragonforge every week in June. Check out the new site for details!


Addison Kerr said...


Pieces of dead matter float in a viscous blue liquid. Dead in the last stages before being set into molds for parts of artificial ghost limbs. Matter is sent through several sessions of purification before certification. The research facility concerning paranormal activity hardly recognizes this behavior. They are so busy chasing crop circles anything not manmade slips under the radar. The ghosts can get away with anything, including setting up an entire military-industrial complex.

Paranormal Researcher: "I pretend to be fascinated by the unknown, but it's really myself that fascinates me. I share my findings online with my research partners, but in reality I see them all as extensions of my own solipsistic world, a tidal pool with no end."

I don't want to die, but parts of me do.

In life, the real ghosts evade me. Searching for plateaus until the long slide downward, I install tiny receptors in my eyes to augment my vision. Overlay displays of deceased colonies, even the dead move on. Their populations are moving, leaving behind cities Youth catches up to me as ghosts from my past manufacture my own demise. It's inevitable that the research must end. The End approaches, beneath detection, not out of malice but to manufacture future haunting.

bibhu said...

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Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

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Deirdra said...

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