"For the sake of humanity, join in Bitterwood's revolt." - Kirkus Reviews

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The First Blog Review Rolls In...

On a writers forum I recently put out offer to send advance review copies of Bitterwood to anyone with a blog who would agree to read the book and talk about it. I told them up front I wasn't soliciting glowing reviews in exchange for a free book, just honest opinions. If they don't like the book, I still intend to link to them. The book is possibly going to be a bit controversial with die hard fantasy fans. I twist a lot of the standard expectations of the genre. I'm braced for the eventual review that says, "what the heck kind of dragons are these?" (In fact, I'm planning to soon write a post explaining just what kind of beasts the creatures running around in my book are and why I think they rightfully bear the label of dragon, just in case being big winged lizards with colorful vocabularies isn't sufficient reason.)

Tonight, the first blog review popped up, by Helena Bell, on her blog "over the cliff." I would like to correct one thing in her review. Towards the end, she writes, "Unfortunately for you, this book won’t be published until July. But when it is, you should buy it." I would like to mince words and point out that while you can't read Bitterwood until July, you can certainly buy Bitterwood right now, at Amazon and other fine internet outlets of your choosing. In fact, if you order it today, you'll probably forget you've ordered it by July, and one day you'll come home and find a package on your doorstep and it will feel like Christmas in July.


Mr. Cavin said...

She read Bitterwood in one freakin' sitting? It's, like, a hundred and thirty thousand words long, right? I hope she was sitting in the bathroom.

James Maxey said...

I'm pretty sure Hel's currently pursuing an MFA. Grad students learn to read in their sleep, or taking a shower, or driving, or even all three at the same time.